Innovative, measured and client-focused support to diverse aviation projects

The Australian aerospace sector has a high technology base, is globally integrated, the players are competitive, and low-cost transportation demand is driving more reliable and efficient operations.

There are distinct challenges in the sector including competitive pressure, managing increasing air traffic and technological disruption, high operating costs and inefficient regulation. Equally there are excellent opportunities, which are not exclusively for the large companies. Typically, macro SMEs and other smaller companies supplying componentry, will see the greatest change and growth. Navigating both the complexities and the opportunities, requires a innovative, measured, and expert approach.

Alacon Aero will provide just that. Our business focus is to provide uncomplicated aviation consultancy and leading research services to industry. Combining the significant real-world industry experience of our consultants, with our proven systems that leverage that knowledge, we provide innovative, measured and client-focused support including:

Business Intelligence

White paper assessments of key issues

Safety | Risk Management

Aviation safety and risk managed differently

Governance & Operational Analysis

Governance and operational support, analysis, controls and frameworks

Business Capability & Continuity

Innovative roadmaps; kick-off to capability