Alacon offers unique and highly personalised services to help you assess and grow your current business. Our core advisory, assurance and aviation services include:

Business Intelligence & Strategy

Review and improvements to management strategy, processes and systems
Our team can support you in a full range of business assistance services, from planning and reviewing your organisational functions and strategy, through to implementation of change.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Safety and risk managed differently
Ensure your organisation is effectively governed and let our team assist you in understanding the emerging sciences, business resilience and methodologies that ensure your safety systems are agile, integrated, and technology-driven.

Operations Support

Contemporary and innovative support to all areas of your operations
Alacon has successfully implemented a number of operations support packages, in the process increasing the efficiency, productivity and savings across the board.

Remotely Piloted Aviation Systems (RPAS) Services

Aerial innovations to transform your operations
Fully licensed and accredited to operate commercially in support of your business. Our team can also assist with navigating the development and regulatory aspects of RPAS operations.

Benefits of our services

Our consultants take a holistic approach, with safety incorporated into everything we do, and a belief that there is always efficiencies and innovations that can be leveraged. The scope of delivery ranges from niche, task-oriented work packages, to design of end-to-end aviation systems. Our consultants access numerous applications, infrastructure and tools, as well as leverage best practice and collective experience, to analyse your business and present you that information. We will work with you and that information, to improve and optimise your decisions and performance.. 

Our methodology isn’t necessarily unique, however our solutions typically are.

"[Alacon Aero's] approach appropriately balanced the needs of us as the client, the capability requirements and the financial constraints of our customer, and the regulations to which we were bound"
Scott Stone
CEO Aerometrix